Team Stages

Bob Murray

Saint John, Indiana

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceUS Masters Nationals
Post-Race DrinkChocolate Milk
Off-Day ActivityHanging out with the family.

Hello, my name is Bob Murray. I’m 53 years old. My wife and I have a lovely daughter. I’ve served twelve years in the US Army, and was stationed all over the world. Currently, I’m living in NW Indiana and working as an OSP Design Engineer for a major telecom corporation.

I started riding in the early 90’s (just for fun doing group rides) and trying to maintain fitness while serving in the army. I didn’t take things seriously until 2012, when I started to race on the local criterium scene, located in Chicago. I had some good results in the lower Master’s cat 3-4 races. A few notable wins at the former Super Week Series held in Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI. Plus some other minor local races.

My focus, this year, is to race the Masters 50+ series at the Intelligentsia Cup. I will be using the Tour of the Dairyland, held in Milwaukee, along with some other minor races, to get ready. A big part of my training program is using my Stages Power meter to get prepared.