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Past Races

11/02/2019 25 Hours of Frog Hollow 3rd
09/21/2019 Pocatello Fall Ultra- MTB 4th
08/04/2019 Downieville Classic Flat!!! Dang, 40 something...
08/03/2019 Downieville Classic 21st
05/25/2019 Round & Round 24HR MTB Race 3rd
03/09/2019 True Grit Epic DNF
11/03/2018 25 Hours of Frog Hollow
Race Recap
2nd in 4 person open division

Dave Hill

Pocatello, Idaho

Main FocusLong Course XC MTB, Enduro
Bucket List RaceBC Bike Race
Post-Race Drinkbeer....haha, or recoverite from Hammer
Off-Day ActivityHangin with the fam

Howdy!, my names Dave Hill and I've been racing bikes in one form or another for the past 20 years. I dabbled in triathlon a bit 6-8 years ago, but found I was always looking forward to riding my bike, so I decided to just stick with that. I raced a lot of road and XC mtn bike when I was younger and in college, but these days I've settled into primarily racing long course XC events like the NUE series, Epic Ride Events and regional 24 hours races and Regional Enduro Events such as the Idaho Enduro Series and Trans-Cascadia. I love racing my bike, travel and the process of training that gets you there. I've used various power meters in the past between powertap, SRM and Stages and have found that the Stages are pretty killer, simple to use and efficient products. I work full time as a physician assistant, as does my wife, and we have 4 kids. It's all about maximizing quality time on the bike these days, so to make it all work, I've found that a powermeter is vital. I like the idea of being involved with a team in that it brings on a sense of comradery that is sometimes hard to find within the mtb world. I have plans to race the 25hrs of Frog Hollow this November in a 4 man team and then call it a season. 2020 isn't set in stone yet, but have plans to race a duo co-ed team with my wife(an XTERRA National Champ) at 24 hours of Old Pueblo in February, maybe race some Utah ICUP races in the spring and then settle into some NUE long course XC events next summer and fall. As noted above my wife races XTERRA, so maybe she’ll even talk me into an off road tri!, should be a fun year! Otherwise I'm always working on local trails and helping out as an assistant coach with our local NICA program.