Team Stages

Past Races

06/18/2023 Ironman Cairns
03/04/2023 Ironman New Zealand
01/22/2022 Port Of Tauranga Half Ironman 2nd 45-49
03/07/2020 IRONMAN New Zealand 2nd 45-49
10/12/2019 Ironman World Championships
Race Recap
06/09/2019 Ironman Cairns (Asia Pacific Championships) 2nd 45-49 23 overall
03/02/2019 Ironman New Zealand
Race Recap
4th AG 45-49
01/12/2019 Port of Tauranga Half Ironman 2nd 45-49
12/08/2018 Taupo Half Ironman 70.3
Race Recap
1st 45-49

Mike Roigard

Ohaupo,3883, New Zealand

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Running, Trail Running
Bucket List RaceIronman World Championship
Post-Race DrinkNuun


Occupation: GM Service Operations

Time with Boost Coaching: 4 years
Sporting background prior to starting:

Hockey and Tennis to Rep level through to late 20’s. Post this Half Marathons, around Taupo cycle race and one Marathon.

Initial goal/s & events when I started with Boost:

Learn to swim.
Complete an Ironman to the best of my ability.
Complete a half marathon in under 1hr 25min
Complete a marathon in under 3hrs.

Did you achieve these goals &/or what were the outcomes?

I have achieved all my goals and much much more than I ever expected from triathlon….

My first Ironman was the weather shortened IMNZ in 2012 which is hindsight was hugely beneficial to my future triathlon journey as at that point I had only been working with boost for 4 months and while probably able to complete a full Ironman in no state to ever compete in an Ironman.

Over the next year Andrew and I worked on new goals as gradually I learnt more about what I was capable as a triathlete. First Ironman was IMNZ 2013 where I finished in 10hrs 4min. During this time I was also selected for the 2013 NZ Long distance Triathlon team in Belfort, France where I finished 10th in my age group. I also won the NZ Duathlon 40-44 age group title in 2013 and ran my fastest half Marathon time at the Auckland half and in 2014 ran my first sub 3hr marathon.

How did Boost Coaching help you to achieve these goals?

Firstly taking the time initially to define the goals and then providing the ongoing structured training that supports the meeting of those goals, this takes away the thinking of what needs to be completed each day. Also training with like-minded training buddies is invaluable as group goals and

What are your goals & events as you move forward?

Improve my swimming to a point I’m not chasing fields whole time
Continually improve my overall racing ability.
Qualify for Kona.

Three of my greatest achievements so far while working with Boost are

Finishing my first and second Ironman New Zealand with a PB of 9hr:44min
Finishing 10th in 40-44 age group at the 2013 World Long Distance Triathlon Champs
Finishing 3rd in 40-44 age group at both the 2014 Sunshine Coast 70.3 and Auckland 70.3

Other comments regarding working with Boost Coaching

The great thing right from the start of working with Andrew is the openness and willing to share his thoughts and experiences from both his swimming and triathlon career. Also providing the timely input into training blocks when either motivation or training load is compromised. Andrew also understands the fine balance between athlete training time and work commitments and family time.