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05/20/2023 Apple Duathlon
11/19/2022 Run First, Gobble Later
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10/12/2022 Autumn Trail Series #4 CANCELLED!!
10/09/2022 Oakdale Fall Classic Du
Race Recap
1st AG, 4th overall, fastest bike split of the day!
09/28/2022 Autumn Trail Series #3 CANCELLED!!
09/14/2022 Autumn Trail Series #2 CANCELLED!!
08/31/2022 Autumn Trail Series #1 CANCELLED!!
07/09/2022 Lakeville Pan o Prog 1 Mile Run 1st AG, 20th female
07/04/2022 Apple Valley Freedom Days 2 Mile Run
Race Recap
1st AG
06/25/2022 Dan Patch Dash 5K 1st AG, 16th female
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Casey Kovacic

Bloomington, Minnesota

Primary Discipline(s) Road Cycling / Criterium, Road Running, Trail Running, Duathlon
Bucket List RaceNational Senior Games Time Trials; a local road race TBD. Make it all the way up Mt. Lemmon.
Post-Race DrinkHmmmm. It is often a beer, it seems, but GOOD beer. Or iced tea.
Off-Day ActivityPlanning routes and meals, cooking, reading, recovering with Hyperice/NormaTec and mobilizing.

I'm a 64-year-old, enthusiastic cyclist/runner whose training turned around – or really BEGAN - when I started using a Stages Power meter in 2014 – a whole new world opened up. Sidelined by ankle surgery in 2015, I did my first bike race ever in 2016 (10 mile gravel sprint - I won!). I started training with Stages Link and discovered time trials in 2017 - State Champ in my age group! Did some Senior Games races, and was thrilled to get golds and silvers, but also got to meet a wonderful community of participants.
I've attended two CTS cycling camps in Tucson and had the pleasure of coaching with Kaitie Keough in 2018/early 2019 - she got me started in cyclocross. Since then, I have worked with Renee Eastman at CTS, who has been wonderful.
In late December 2020, I decided to start running again, with three main racing goals in mind for 2021.
1. Beat my 13-year goal of 30 minutes in a 5K (beat it by over a minute)!
2. Race a duathlon. I did a 5K/bike 13K/short sprint to finish line. That "sprint" to the finish line was anything but a sprint. I learned a lot that race.
3. Achieve PRs in each of four trail races in a series ranging from a little over 5K to about 4.5 miles. I did it - each race by many minutes and a bonus of winning my age group each race and for the series.
2022 - new year, new goals. I would sure like to do a cyclocross race or two, but my duathlon plans are getting in the way. AH well, I can do drills after the race!
1. Beat my all-time mile PR - done! Obliterated it! 8:13, from over 9 minutes.
2. Do the "full length" duathlon. 5K/bike 21 hilly miles/5K, and I won my division! Another fantastic learning experience. Oh my – that second run.
3. Race several races in a community series including 4 miles (huge PR); 2 mile (another big PR); 5K (got lost on course - HAHA); 1 mile PR already mentioned. I get another chance at the 5K at Thanksgiving. I'm currently in 3rd place in the series and a good 5K could move me up to 2nd, which would be a surprise and delight. I hope to see some of the folks I met in earlier races.
4. Race a reverse duathlon (14mile bike/2.5K run/14mile bike). Coming up in October!
5. Strength goal - I am bound and determined to be able to do a dip on parallel bars. I am currently in the pushup progression, and I got my boss to participate!
I love being able to participate in events /races, meet new people and see familiar friendly faces for blab time. I'm extroverted and can talk to ANYONE and have a grand time (hope they do too!). I would rather go fast than far, and I love working to get QOMs for cycling and running. Learning how to understand data in relation to my training has been a fun journey. I also love gadgets and if they can help me with fitness or recovery, all the better (perfect excuse for a purchase)!