Team Stages

Kristie Jones

Phoenix, Arizona

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceThe OZ Trails EPIC, Leadville, Dirty Kanza
Post-Race DrinkMountain OPS BCAA and Hammer Recoverite

I’m a nephrologist/hospitalist and have always been active with some sport since in my 20s but last February my husband (whom has raced road and MTB since in his 20s) sparked my interest by buying me a mountain bike to ride with him. I started training last February inside with the Wahoo kicker (at the time we lived in Coeur d’ Alene, ID so no sun till May) then once sunny-I was outdoors and no looking back-I absolutely love it!! I’m outside as much as possible riding and have a training program. I have used a stages power meter on my mountain bike and wouldn’t think of not using one now. My FTP has markedly increased as well as my skills. We have moved to AZ now and the MTB is fantastic! I’ve been putting in about 7-10 hours a week of training (depending on my work schedule) and average about 5 rides a week. I love pushing myself, having fun and meeting people on the trails!