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Jason Montgomery

Boise, Idaho

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceBC bike race
Post-Race DrinkEndurox

42 yo male nurse practitioner that currently works in neurosurgery. I LOVE and I am a huge advocate of riding bikes, it has been my passion since I discovered it trying to stay in shape for skiing when I was 18. I have raced almost everything with 2 wheels including: bmx, road (cat 2), cross, downhill, and xc. I am a firm believer and have extensive knowledge of working with power. I still frequently race bikes at local races but my children are now riding with a local development team and my oldest starts NICA next year. I have been approached by a current NICA coach to help with the team and will be a coach in 2020. I think that the MTB community under utilizes power and can stand to benefit from having someone who is an advocate to ask questions. I would be a