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Jeff Dolfinger

Poughkeepsie, New York

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Post-Race DrinkBeer

I started avidly biking at the age of 45 now 50 and I have just retained a Level 1 Coach to assist in my progression from a hobby to an athlete. I am a father of 4 who raised 2 of the 4 children as a single dad since they were 3/4 and they are now 19/20. Like many I raised my children and ran my business as a Real Estate Broker when they were young and sports didn't fit into the schedule. As they have come of age I have been able to get back into the sport I have loved since I was a child. My current weekends are filled with mountain, gravel or road rides. I love the Stages power meter and I swap it back and forth between bikes for now. I am active on social media and post most of my rides as well for the enjoyment of my family friends and others. I think my biggest accomplishment as a cyclist was riding a 25 mile event with my 11 year old son, who completed the ride with just over 1000 ft of elevation gain. Watching him learn to enjoy the ride and the challenge was a life changing event.