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05/09/2020 The Wire Donkey - Drahtesel
04/18/2020 Whizzerville Hauler
03/28/2020 Stockdale Gravel Roundup
03/14/2020 The Mid South
02/29/2020 Come And Grind It
Race Recap

Andy Wende

Buda, Texas

Main FocusGravel Cycling
Bucket List RaceDirty Kanza, HTH Chupacabra, Crater Lake Century
Post-Race DrinkBeer and Kambocha
Off-Day ActivityMicrobreweries and wineries :).

Started cycling about 2 years ago to lose weight, dropped about 70 pounds and maintain it by staying on the bike. I enjoy road, gravel and MTB riding, I'm always looking to improve and hoping to get some great insight from this team to better my performance in upcoming gravel events.