Team Stages

Theresa Palumbo

Butler, New Jersey

Main Focus
Bucket List RaceComplete a 10K
Post-Race DrinkSomething fruity

My name is Theresa Palumbo and I have been an urban educator for the past 14 years and an indoor cycling instructor for approximately ten years now. When I first began riding, I knew nothing about fitness, but fell in love with the bike and this is when my entire life changed.

When I began cycling, I was extremely out of shape and overweight - my high school prom dress was a size 22 and I knew something needed to change. This is when I decided to join a gym and found cycling. By having supportive instructors and a team-like environment, I got bit by the bug and knew getting certified was the next necessary step in my journey.

I began my cycling education by being certified through Mad Dogg Athletics. As I began to coach classes, I participated in several different continuing education workshops in order to provide my students with the best and most current information in the cycling world. Through Mad Dogg Athletic Continuing Education, I became a Three Star Instructor and was awarded a Lifetime Certification. While I have this "lifetime" certification, I understand the importance of staying uptodate and therefore still participate in Spinning workshops each year.

Last September, I was introduced to Stages Cycling and my entire outlook on coaching and riding changed dramatically. Through this training, I learned all about Power and its importance. Since then, I have been able to create classes that truly focus on my students' abilities and help push them in a smarter way. In addition, I have learned how to train myself in a more effective way and watch myself grow through the Stages Flight App. In September, I was able to learn a great deal from the Stages Team at SCW-Philly and would love to have the opportunity to connect both my passion for education and cycling in order to help others become better team leaders and riders overall.