Team Stages

Teresa Tarn

LAKEWOOD, Colorado |

Primary Discipline(s) Mountain Biking, Gravel Cycling, Snowboarding, Hiking
Bucket List RaceSilk Road Mountain Race, Mongolia Bike Challenge, The Rift Gravel Race
Post-Race DrinkKombucha
Off-Day ActivityDoing a Sunday level crossword

Hello! I’m an avid recreational all-terrain cyclist. My favorite rides involve big objectives and beautiful views with no time restrictions, such as hike-a-biking Mt. Elbert and a self-supported tour all the way around Taiwan. My top biking goal last season was to get into multi-day bikepacking. I dove headfirst into power-based training and achieved confidence-boosting results in the events I signed up for. I felt like I was the fittest I have ever been and on a steady growth trajectory… until I broke my collar bone… got surgery… and found out I was pregnant two weeks later… Fast forward through a couple months of cautious biking and then a couple more months of sleep deprivation and here we are!

This season, my goal has been to get back into shape and appreciate what my body can do after making and continually nourishing a tiny human. For me, data-driven training with structured workouts has made my postpartum journey fun and motivating. Having the numbers to track and guide this journey has alleviated a lot of fear I had around how motherhood might affect my athletic pursuits. So far, I am happy to report that biking has been just as fun and rewarding as ever, bringing me growth on and off the saddle.

I thoroughly enjoying empowering others through skills coaching and elevating diverse perspectives from the cycling community. I pursue becoming more effective at both as an ambassador/coach for VIDA MTB clinics and Pearl Izumi. I believe the more people we have riding and having fun on bikes, the more people we have advocating for sustainable public planning projects, environmental stewardship, and a universally happier and healthier future.