Team Stages

Past Races

11/21/2021 Minnesota State CX 19
10/17/2021 Green Acres CX 8
10/10/2021 Trek CX Cup 67/90
10/09/2021 Trek CX Cup 64/91
10/08/2021 Trek CX Cup 69/113
08/03/2021 Machinery Hills Criterium 2

Justin Valenstein

Eagan, Minnesota

Primary Discipline(s) Road Cycling / Criterium, Mountain Biking, Cyclocross
Bucket List RaceLeadville 100
Post-Race DrinkArms Race Nutrition Foundation Apple Fritter with collagen
Off-Day ActivityHike/Walk with my kids

I got into endurance sports in high school by joining the cross country team to help with my endurance for summer golf. A started cycling in chemistry graduate school as a way to commute back and forth to the lab and not be limited by the bus schedule. I quickly fell in love with the bike and started racing 2012. I am currently living in Minnesota with my wife and two daughters (8 and 3). We utilized the spring stay-at-home to help our oldest daughter learn to ride her bike with confidence. I am an active member of the 110 Racing Team and have found a good home in this team that embraces the concept of racing as a team.