Team Stages

mark hagen

washingtion, District of Columbia |

Primary Discipline(s) Road Cycling / Criterium, Mountain Biking, Gravel Cycling, Adventure Racing, Cyclocross, Skiing, Climbing
Bucket List RaceBreck Epic, La Ruta, Belgium Waffle, Rebecca Private Idaho, Phisga Stage race
Post-Race Drinkbeer
Off-Day Activityfishing

Race CX, XC MTB, Gravel , Road and other mixed or adventure racing events. Been racing for my entire adult life (4 digit USAC # and 5 digit Strava). Active in the DC area racing scene (MABRA) in almost all disciplines and group rides. Not super active on social due to privacy issues and my job except Strava. Long time Stages user and have 2 (both Gen 1...starting to show) on my bikes right now but would love to get them on my MTB's. Podiumed in the few races that i competed in this year (shenadoah 100, Stoopid 50...few others) Usually race between 25-20 times per year.