Team Stages

Christopher Wahrle

, Colorado

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Cycling / Criterium, Masters Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Road Running
Bucket List RaceIRONMAN Tempe
Post-Race DrinkDepends on the race, but typically I reward myself with a beer! :-)
Off-Day ActivityRESTING!

I am relatively new to the world of racing, having started in 2016 out of a need to find something different in my weight loss goals. I spent the majority of my life as overweight and had the midnight of 'this is just who I am!'. In 2014, my wife set out to lose weight and since my wife is also my head chef, my diet also changed. I was able to shed 80 lbs. without much issue and when I stalled, I knew that I needed to do more. I took on various group fitness classes, but I saw the triathletes at my local gym as the people that I wanted to join, so I did!

I am not new to cycling and I have been riding since I was roughly 5 years old. I joke that I have "Daddy issues" as my memories are of my father taking me on 20 mile rides on the weekends.

I now spend my weekends riding with my family and friends, typically doing 100 to 150 mile rides on Saturdays and Sundays being my family time.