Team Stages

Katie Staver

Kenmore, Washington |

Primary Discipline(s) Mountain Biking, Gravel Cycling, Cyclocross
Bucket List RaceThe Rift in Iceland, I also want to race some UCI cyclocross events and MTB marathon nationals
Post-Race DrinkDuring summer: any local cold IPA, during winter: Hot spiced cider with a dash of whiskey
Off-Day ActivityRomping around in the woods with my cattle dog, Rail

I am an avid mostly off road cyclist who enjoys grassroots and community led events that support and encourage participation from BIPOC FTW and non-cis athletes. I love to ride my cx bike on single track because I always feel like I am flying, and I want to find ways that I can spread that feeling of empowerment to others. My goal is to help other people feel as free and empowered on the bike as I feel when I am riding. I am personally very competitive and am currently Cat 2 in Cx. I have a back ground in running at the collegiate level, but I now consider myself "retired from running". I have since fallen involve the cycling and now gravel, cx, and MTB are my favorite sports. I am lucky enough to participate one a team that focuses on supporting non-cis athletes and athletes of color. I get a lot of joy out of helping my teammates achieve their goals and watching new athletes thrive in our local racing scene.
I currently work in marketing for Sportworks, a company that manufactures products that support bike infrastructure. When I am not on the bike I am exploring the outdoors with my husband and our two dogs.
I am currently on my 4th Stages pwoermeter and I love it and have fully bought into the benefits of training with power. I like to think that the power meter helps expose each athlete's super powers. Everyone has different super powers and the key is how to most effectively use those powers during an event. In this way I find training with power to be empowering and I love helping plan and develop training plans that prepare athletes for events that help capitalize on those superpowers as well as help train areas that need some extra work.