Team Stages

Amy Reinert

Goshen , Indiana

Primary Discipline(s) Mountain Biking, Gravel Cycling, Cyclocross, Yoga
Bucket List RaceIceman
Post-Race DrinkBells no yeah!
Off-Day ActivityWalking, stretching, strength training

Hi! My name is Amy J. I’m a mom and photographer and MTB/Gravel bike athlete. I’ve been racing for about 4 years. The love of racing definitely came later in life for me but I am so glad I found it when I did! My coach Patrick McBride is on the Stages team and has been coaching me foe a few years. I do use and absolutely love my Stages dash and the app to track all my rides and races. This season I have won several local titles in my age group as well as 1st at Lord of the Springs Gravel + Single track race, and I will also be racing at Iceman this year for the first time.