Team Stages

Stacey Sessions

Huffman, Texas

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Mountain Biking, Masters Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Road Running, Trail Running, Hiking
Bucket List RaceUltra Trail Run
Post-Race DrinkPremier Protein
Off-Day ActivitySnuggling my grandbaby.

I am a wife, daughter, mom, grandma, friend, team mate, coach, runner, hiker, camper, and triathlete. I've completed many short distance running, biking, and triathalon events, eight 70.3 events, and one Full IM. I am a Certified Stages Cycle Instructor and I teach at Lifetime Fitness where I teach on a Stages Bike. My signature cycle class is BRICK where we ride inside for 50 minutes and then transition to a quick outdoor 15 minute run. I developed the class and I'm the only one who teaches this format. I'm also part of a four member team called Endurance Club which is a unique program to our club that I helped develop. We have a swim lead, a bike lead (that's me), and a run lead. We do four events per year which include two run events and two indoor triathlons. I'm very active in my local bike and tri group and serve as a mentor for newer triathlets as well as a training partner for my group. I am a dedicated comsumer of Stages products and have been for years. I use a Stages Power Meter on my TT bike, I teach on a Stages SC3 at work, and I own a SB20 as my indoor trainer at home.