Team Stages

Maxx Hackett

Liberty Lake, Washington

Primary Discipline(s) Off Road Triathlon, Mountain Biking, Gravel Cycling, Trail Running, Cyclocross, Skiing, Hiking, Yoga
Bucket List RaceAbsa Cape Epic, TransRockies, Cactus Cup, USAC Nationals
Post-Race DrinkHammer Recovery
Off-Day ActivitySpending time with my wife and kids

I am a husband, a father, nurse, cyclist, competitor and coach. In that order. My life can be characterized as setting goals and then finding joy in striving for that goal. As a husband and father I strive to lead and serve my family. My goal as a nurse practitioner is to provide honorable care to those who are in need. As a cyclist I strive to share the love of endurance cycling, particularly mountain biking with others. As a youth cycling coach my goal is to help teenagers in goal setting and then develop a plan to attain said goal. This usually has to do with cycling but sometimes it has to do with college admissions, healthy lifestyle, family issues etc. Cycling pushes my body and mind to achieve things that at times seem unachievable; this is not why cycling is my passion. Cycling is my passion because it is one more way that I am able to empower myself and others.