Team Stages

Peter Riess

Boulder, Colorado

Primary Discipline(s) Road Cycling / Criterium, Gravel Cycling, Skiing, Hiking
Bucket List RaceRIFT Ride Iceland
Post-Race DrinkGU Recovery
Off-Day ActivityHike with my wife

Cycling has always been a part off my life. As an early teen, I rode in the Bay Area hills and overnighted down the coast to San Diego from SF. Years later, living in New Mexico, I reengaged in the sport with mountain biking but it wasn't until my 50th that I decided to get back on a road bike and compete. I did my first of several grand fondos starting that year and was bitten by the endurance bug. My list of longer event so far is DK200 in 2017, SBTGRVL in 2019 and 21, and RPI this year for the first time. I have enjoyed the opportunity to learn about my capability at this stage in my life and about the training that goes into performing better each time.