Team Stages

Past Races

10/15/2022 Tour of St. George - Gran Fondo
10/07/2022 Huntsman World Senior Games - Cycling - Time Trial
10/06/2022 Huntsman World Senior Games - Cycling -Road Race
10/05/2022 Huntsman World Senior Games - Cycling
10/04/2022 Huntsman World Senior Games - Cycling

Richard Johnson

West Haven, Utah

Primary Discipline(s) Road Cycling / Criterium, Gravel Cycling, Aquabike, SUP, Snowboarding, Hiking, Climbing
Bucket List RaceRace LoToJa #5, RPI, USAC Gran Fondo Championships, 2023 SBT Gravel, Huntsman World Senior Games.
Post-Race DrinkWatermelon Ultra Monster or Coke
Off-Day ActivitySUP or Riding with my wife and friends / Snowboarding / Hiking

I’m 54, I’ve been seriously riding now for 5 years. I retired from USAF in 2010, after 23yrs Military service. I put on some weight and cycling was one of the key factors in helping me drop 165lbs and get my life back. Up until this year, I was primarily just doing mostly endurance riding and not necessarily racing. Through my membership and leading groups in Zwift for USMES, I have started racing and recently completed in a few races both on Zwift and IRL, and found I have enjoyed them. So, I have started working towards a few races for this year, including the 2023 USAC Gran Fondo Championship, which I qualified both IRL and Virtually, 2023 Steam Boat Gravel Race (Black course), 2023 LoToJa (5th), Huntsman World Senior Games. Also thinking about a BWR or two. We’ll see how that all plays out as winter progresses. 2022 I rode my first gravel ride, BWR, San Marcos, CA..wearing Stages kit!! Hope to add more to that this year!