Team Stages

Richard Tortorici

Clifton Park, New York

Primary Discipline(s) Mountain Biking
Bucket List RaceNational Champion
Post-Race DrinkBlueberries... Plant-Based Athlete.
Off-Day Activitywork?

I grew up in the days when one could wake in the morning, hop on their bike with best friends and ride all day. No cell phones, no one to track you, and you would just have to be home by 9 pm.

By age 15, I was working at the local bike shop and racing my MTB. In 2013 my wife and I looked at all the local "clubs" and realized that all of them required either membership fees, qualification times, or an essay to be a part of. This isn't how I grew up! So we started our own group with the simple requirement of bring a bike and a smile!!

R-Cubed (Run:Ride:Race:) was born! We never imagined just how popular it would become! Before you knew it, we were designing a logo and race kits. 2014 came, and we entered NICA with one athlete.

Here we are in 2022, with hundreds of adult athletes and the largest NICA team in NY!

Me personally? I have continued racing my Mtb and have climbed the ranks to race in the open-pro category. In 2021 I took second place in the Open men NYS Mtb Series, and in 2022 I placed fourth overall, in open-pro men. At age 45, racing against kids...I will take it.

Ultimately, my heart and soul belong to cycling! I am SO grateful to have a passion in life. I ride my bike every day, train with a coach, coach others, and love being on my bike!

I have 2 Stages power meter crank arms that I use for training. You and your company have always been great to me.