Team Stages

Jon Sendor

Broomfield, Colorado

Primary Discipline(s) Road Cycling / Criterium, Gravel Cycling
Bucket List RaceClimb Mt Kilimanjaro in 4 years when I turn 70.
Post-Race DrinkUse Hammer products
Off-Day ActivityDriving 48' truck

I'm an enthusiastic long distance road cyclist. I've been a member of Rocky Mountain Cycling Club (RMCC) since moving to Colorado in 2001. It is the ultra distance cycling club for Colorado. I've completed their Triple Crown series twice, which requires riding 3+ rides of 200+ miles during a season within a 19-20 hour period. My longest ride has been a 600k ride. As an RMCC member, I've lead many rides and previously hosted our Tuesday Night hill climb rides for 2 years. I've also done numerous Ride The Rockies (and other week long Colorado tour rides) and Triple Bypass rides (including Double Triple),

I became a Stages user when a friend went to work for the company (Peter Sebestyen). I added a power meter crank arm to my bike. I was also fortunate that CO Athletic Club's DTC location added your bikes back in 2015 for spin classes. Made a big difference for me when I was training for my Triple Crown rides.

As for work, I started my 3rd career last year as a CDL driver, after prior careers in telecom and health care. I've traveled all over the world for work, including 25 trips to Africa for an HIV/AIDS project and bringing new wound care treatment to the continent. I'm currently driving for Panera Bread.

After a few years off from riding, my return was cut short in May due to being hit by a car while on a 67 mile bike ride. Many fractures and lots of road rash. I've been working on my rehab/recovery and looking forward to getting my new bike next month (Alchemy Atlas). Have new Ultegra crank arm for the bike. Being part of Team Stages for 2023 will provide further motivation for getting back into shape and doing long distance events.

Among my plans for next year are to partake in multiple Davis Phinney Foundation activities (including riding on its team for Ride The Rockies), do the Double Triple Bypass and partake in numerous RMCC rides. Also planning to start gravel riding.