Team Stages

Scott Rini

Canton, Ohio

Primary Discipline(s) Road Cycling / Criterium, Gravel Cycling
Bucket List RaceThe Great American bike trail
Post-Race Drinkan ice-cold wheat ale is always perfect
Off-Day Activityfamily life

I have road a bike since I was 5 years old. I never took it serious though. I began getting more serious just over two decades ago. The experiences and stories I’ve collected throughout these years make me the go-to person when it comes to cycling advice. Not only does I know that, but I’m also always ready to share my two cents and welcome newcomers to the trails.
"The first lesson cycling taught me is to always share your knowledge with others."

My ambition and desire to thrive in adversity leads me to long-distance bike rides. This passion soon became an opportunity to meet new people and build a supportive and strong cycling community in my neighborhood.
Besides my annual group ride in June from my home with a cookout after, I also host Trails for Hope. The cancer awareness bike ride on the Ohio Erie Towpath helps support the American Cancer Society. I also participate in the annual Pan Ohio Hope Ride. This is a 4-day tour from Cleveland to Cincinnati. Online, I run a Facebook group called NE Ohio Cycling Community with over 2100+ members.
"We treat the group like family. Lots of tips, info about events and rides, sell bikes, help where needed and share our weekly stories every Sunday."

Having a full-time job and juggling the busy schedules of two active teenagers, makes it challenging to find time for cycling. However, it's the mental and physical benefits that keeps me motivated and out on the trails.
"Cycling gives me an escape from everyday life and helps me unwind on so many levels. Cycling has brought a lot to my personal well-being. It also helps me stay healthy and active."

My biggest goal is to cover 300 km in a day. To achieve that, I count on the support of my family and cycling family.