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10/21/2023 Ironman 70.3 North Carolina

Chuck Potter

, United States

Main FocusTriathlon
Post-Race DrinkBeer!
Off-Day ActivityHiking!

Born & raised in Cambridge, MD, home of Eagleman 70.3 and Ironman
Maryland. Since 1997, my life has been immersed in multi-sport. I
co-founded the local Cambridge Multi-Sport club in 2003 which is still
going strong today! With 6 Ironman finishes and dozens of 70.3
finishes, I now focus on shorter distances with a 70.3 in the mix some
years. Triathlon has given me so much and I'm thrilled to share this
passion and help others achieve their goals.

I spend my days as an Engineer in the Metro DC area. I love data but
"my" today is more about an active lifestyle and adventure. I embrace
the work-train-life balance!

#lifeisanadventure! #consistencyiskey!