Team Stages

Fastest 5k

6 minutes and 55 seconds from gun to gun for a 5k at Manchester Masters Track Champs, 2019.

Lined up on the rail at the back of the pack to the whistle off the rail and neutral lap. 2-3 laps in I was wondering if I could hold on but the pace slowed a bit and I felt ok. Kept following fast wheels, got gapped off the lead group when a few got slow in front of me but we regropued half a lap later and then hung on for a magically opened gap into the lane with a lap plus to go. Rode over the top of another on the home straight and pushed hard for one lap only to be nicked at the line by an Aussie. Great way to start the first of 5 races. Manchester, Home of British Cycling, velodrome is the best. 6th Masters i've race there over the years. 

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