Team Stages

Full Tilt Timberline: Race and Repeat

First time back between the tape in two years

The Full Tilt format is a newer race format that Race Cascadia does. The general idea is that each racer gets a best-of-two time for each stage. This race, there were so many racers that it was almost impossible to get a full two runs for each stage. There was some calculated risk involved for me.

The day before, we had a little bit of rain to wet down the trails. But, it was also a practice day, so I knew the conditions of the trails would be variable during the actual race runs. The first two stages were rough and dusty, in spite of the recent moisture. The final stage was a flowy, but pedally stage. Overall, I felt like my first attempt at each stage was as good as it was going to get. I decided to attempt the last stage again to see if I could gain any more time, but ended up 0.5 s slower.

At the end of the day, I left everything on the course and placed 9th in my category.I feel like I'm in good form. Next week is my first full enduro of the season. Consistency will be the key to placing well in that race.


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