Team Stages

Died and went to Valhalla

Suffered on the long climbs but clawed my way to 9th. Bonus meet and greet with Tinker Juarez!

Started pretty far back and had to work to get towards the front of the group. As always long steep climbs are my kryptonite and this race had them in spades.  Winding stair climb was hellish, felt as though I was trying to breath water through a straw with how muggy and thick the air was. Had to take it a little bit easier than I wanted to on the technical descents as I was feeling hypoxic and my decision making was impaired.  Made it through unscathed and I call that a win.  Ended up 9th on the day, very satisfied with that result.

Quick side note, I got to meet and have a picture with Tinker Juarez who was one of my childhood cycling heros!

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