Team Stages

Excellent Skiing

Great course and good conditions made for a fantastic day out on the skis

The day started out around 10 degrees with wind speeds around 20mph. I started in Wave 3 of 3 since this was my first time doing this race. We went off at 10am and I started out at a conservative pace, trying to get fully warmed up and gauging how I was feeling. After a few minutes, I started making my way through the pack and increasing the speed. I was feeling really good and kept it up for the rest of the race. I was re-fueling with Hammer Nutrition mix at the aid stations while slowly moving along. The course was fantastic with some steep hills and some frozen lake crossings. We were mostly in the woods, so there we didnt feel the wind gusts except while on the lakes, so it turned out I had dressed perfectly for the conditions. Overall I had a great day and enjoyed the course while giving it my all. At the finish, I was spent and was glad to go inside the NMU dome to eat some food and take a shower. I will definitely do this race again in the future.

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