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Mudslinger XC

Trying a new discipline for this season, XC MTB

After a long winter of tough trainer sessions, long cold road miles, and sourcing parts, it was time to test my fitness and my new XC bike. Because of logistics, I wasn't able to get a pre-ride of the course in. I rode it five years ago, but my memory was pretty fuzzy overall. We had a bit of rain the night before, just enough to make the roots slick. With the temperature in the mid-40s at the start and the sun breaking through, it was great conditions for an early season race. Also, my February Challenge prize (Rudy Project glasses!) showed up just in time for the race.

One of the workouts I've been doing is for fast XC starts: 2 minutes VO2, followed by 8 minutes Threshold. This workout helped me maintain contact with the leaders on the first 2 mi climb. The race was only ~1 hr, so my nutrition and hydration strategies were pretty simple, so I had no need for the aid station. Overall, the race went according to plan for me. I ended up just off the podium in 4th, which I'm happy with for the first race.

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