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Dog River Super D

Back after a two year hiatus!

Super D is an early form of enduro racing in North America. The race usually consists of a single-stage time trial format, with courses designed to be ridden on trail bikes with some flat or uphill sections. The Dog River Super D is one of the oldest races in Oregon. When I saw the announcement for the race, I had to be there for its return. We have had a long winter, but the weather ended up being partly cloudy with temps between 45 and 60 for the day.

The usual course is 6.2 mi with 1.1 mi climb of about 350 ft paired with 2,370 ft of descent. This year, there was a bridge out at the bottom of the course, causing the race to be shortened slightly. Having a race weight of around 200 lbs, the climb has always been my weak spot. I always try to make incremental gains when I can. Overall, I put together a clean run. I had no crashes or major errors. I felt like my pacing was good on the climb, but I ended up almost a minute slower than my PR. In the end, I managed to miss my PR for the course by 19 seconds.

Afterwards, there was sausages, beverages, lots comparing of course notes, and trail dogs.

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