Team Stages

Sisters Stampede XC

A chilly race in the High Desert of Central Oregon

Sisters, Oregon is in the hottest MTB area of Oregon. Domestic pros like Carl Decker and Chris Horner call the area home. Needless to say, the fields were all really fast. From the start, the pace was putting me into VO2 until the course started to string us out. Eventually, there was a group of three of us that stuck together through the flatter parts. The final third of the course has a climb with some chunky rock gardens, where I was able to make up some places. I guess all the rough enduro practice pays off for XC?

I was hoping to maybe earn some more points for upgrading, but my fitness is still returning after being sick. 9th in my category and 24th overall is a good result.

Unfortunately, I think my power meter had a bit of water ingress after last weekend's sloppy races. I thought I had let it dry out enough, but my numbers didn't quite match my HR and PE. I've got it packed with a silica gel pack right now, so we'll see how it does.

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